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Fifty things I learned on my 50th birthday adventure

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Laughter is contagious

Joy is an attitude we choose

Fear should never govern decision making

Gratitude breeds a content spirit

Community is the foundation for successful child rearing

True connection can happen when we least expect it

Guarding your heart suffocates true love

Respect for what is different, unique and sometimes uncomfortable is what promotes opportunities for real change, growth and learning

Compassion is universal

Kindness costs nothing

Boredom breeds innovation

Solutions are often found in the presence of silent reflection - learn to be still

Sunsets and sunrises are reminders that the beginning and end of each day are opportunities for renewal

Play should not be exclusive to children

Personal value is defined by what we give not what we receive

A soft pillow is a luxury not a human right

A cold shower is better than no shower

Soap is a luxury

Salt makes everything taste good

Gentle touch is louder than any combination of words

A gentle breeze on a hot day is a gift from the universe

Mango trees provide sweet fruit and shade

All accomplishments should be passionately celebrated - all failures are opportunities to learn

Death should not be feared

Only the privileged have time to worry

Friendship is forged through trust

A smile transcends all languages

Caution is taught

Curiosity should always be encouraged

Faith and religion are not the same

Music is a universal language

Harmony is a tapestry of differences that blend together to create unity

Nature is the most beautiful of all artistic masterpieces

Wildlife should never be contained

Dancing is an expression of the heart

Water is a life-giving resource

Money does not buy happiness

Corruption happens in the presence of desperation

Power perpetuates a selfish heart

Selflessness is more difficult for the rich than the poor

Anxiety and anger serve no one well

Peace is a state of mind not an emotion

Listening affords learning and learning affords progress

Extreme poverty breeds extreme love and community

Formal education is not superior to the education of life

Friendship heals

Taking risks builds character

Luck is usually founded in hard work

Hard work is never the wrong decision

True, unconditional love is rare and the universal goal of every person

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